The laBoratory network hardware and why

The home network evolved, from using the ISP modem to provide the family Wi-Fi, to something more complex that cares for the multitude of IoT devices that began to appear in the house. From Google minis, Philips Hue and security cameras, these are all demanding a wireless connection. Then there's a NAS, Web server, laptops, tablets and phones everywhere. All competing for bandwidth.

On top, I had to keep an eye on the kids whereabouts and usage. This led to a firewall, that should at least offer me some peace of mind.

I will try to do my best to explain my choices and describe to you what I have done about this and why. Each topic will be covered in a dedicated post, garnished with the details sought-after. Maybe I can spare you some hours of your precious life, or maybe this is what we are looking for: the challenge.

As of May 1st, this is how my network configuration looks like:

Network diagram since May 1st, 2020

Live server status

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